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What is a bidet anyway?

I feel a bit uncomfortable writing about this. This kind of reluctance to talk about it is actually one of the reasons why bidet never took a hold in the market in United States. Over here we just don’t want to talk about our business in the bathroom!

Modern Bidet

Is it a toilet?

One thing that definitely makes me nervous about using a bidet is that… well, it looks suspiciously like a toilet. To think about washing with it just seems a little gross. (Do you know that people wash their feet in the bidet, too? Just had to throw that one in just in case you are not squirmy enough.) But look at it this way. Other than shaping like a toilet, its function is actually more like a washbasin or bathtub. We don’t think twice about cleaning ourselves in a bathtub, do we?

Antique BidetBidet was invented in France in the late 17th century. The word bidet is actually French for pony. To use a bidet you usually straddle it like riding a horse. Therefore the use of the word. The original bidet was just a bowl that contained water for you to wash yourself with. It pretty much stayed in the bedroom with the chamber pot until the 1900’s when modern plumbing moved the toilet and bidet to the bathroom. Interestingly, it was the American manufacturers that improved the bidet to a porcelain fixture in the bathroom. But Americans did not adopt to the use of bidets even then.

Another reason for bidet’s inability to get into American homes is the extra space required to install one. Most bathrooms in United States are not designed to have space for bidets. Some barely have enough space to put in a toilet. But not to worry! A clever invention has made it easier to get the benefits of having a bidet without requiring extra space! It is commonly known as a Japanese Toilet. An attachment to an existing toilet that will give your bum a good wash, plus a few more benefits that ordinary bidets don’t have.

Bidet Lifestyle

Bidet without needing extra space!

Bidet seat attachment replaces the regular toilet seat. Most of them are electronically controlled. After you finished your business, you activate the bidet function. A nozzle comes out and begins spraying water at the spot where you need cleaning. Water is usually heated so you don’t get hit with a shock of cold water. Once the washing is done a flow of warm air helps with drying. Most models also provide feminine wash feature. And for those cold winter days, the toilet seat can be warmed before you make the touchdown! Oh, installation is a breeze, too.

Bio Bidet BB-2000 and Features

Here are a couple of videos to demonstrate the functions and the installation of the bidet seat attachment:

The benefits of using a bidet are many. The obvious is that you get a cleaning that’s better than using toilet paper alone. It’s also environmentally friendly because you use less or no paper at all. Some of the nozzles on the bidet seats are designed to provide a gentle massage while cleaning. It can offer relief for someone suffering from constipation. Water spray is also much gentler than wiping, providing relief for people with sensitive skin, or have hemorrhoid problem.

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