The versatile Click Clack lounge chair by Coaster might be the perfect furniture solution for tight spaces.

Click Clack Lounge Chair

Versatility is not often a word that comes to mind when talking about a piece of furniture, but this click clack lounger is exactly that, versatile. In its most basic form this lounger is an elegant chair, made from a durable black bonded leather and white contrast stitching. Upon closer examination we will find that with little to no effort  this chair can convert into a lounger that’s perfect for reading or surfing the web on your laptop.

Click Clack Lounge Chair position 2

Notice how the posture of the lounger is in a comfortable position that takes pressure off of the neck, shoulders, and lower back. This creates a pain free atmosphere which is crucial to those lengthy sessions, reading or using a laptop. This would also be an ideal option for the gamer in your life that is prone to spend long periods of time staring at the television.

Another quick adjustment and the lounger quickly unfolds to a futon style bed for a guest.

Click Clack Lounge Chair position 3

Converting the unit to and from its different options, is almost effortless. Testing the unit in store, I found that I was able to convert the chair into its many different forms in just a couple of seconds. Converting this unit will be a breeze for all members of the household.

This versatile lounger has a retail value of approximately $299.99. We are currently offering this lounger for $199.99. Email to place your order!