Monitor Your Entire Home

while you work in the kitchen… or from anywhere.

Find Recipes

and receive step-by-step instructions while you cook.

Video Chat

Chat, get cooking tips from family and friends.

See Who's at the Door

from your smart appliance or from anywhere on your phone.

Check Your Appliances Remotely

Get an update on your appliances from anywhere you are.

Voice Commands

Give your smart appliances voice commands when your hands are busy.

Get Alerts

on unusual activities.

More Time to Enjoy Life

with smart home living!

What is a smart home?

Simply put, a Smart Home has connected technology that aims to enhance your home life. Simplifying household tasks, better home security, remote monitoring and accessing your home and elevated entertainment.

LG Smart Home Imagined

Easier Home Life = More Time to Enjoy Life

Smart Home technology is made perfect for anyone with busy lifestyle. Automated vacuum that cleans and recharges by itself. Connected appliances that can turn on your oven, start your dishwasher, check on your laundry progress, all from a hub, a smart phone or a voice assistant. You can quickly find recipes and get step by step instructions for you to prepare a great meal. Some appliances are so connected that they can even turn on and off or adjust temperature according to your recipe. Some washers can even order detergents when you are running low.

You’re spending less time working on chores means more time for you to enjoy life!

GE Kitchen Hub - find recipe
Samsung Family Hub - Connected Living

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

You can check and operate your Smart Home appliances and equipment from anywhere, inside or outside of the house. You never have to rush home to turn off an oven. You can even turn on a vacuum robot so it can do the cleaning while you are away.

LG SmartThinQ Washer
LG SmartThingQ start icemaker
LG SmartThinQ remote vacuum

Smart Home, Better Security

Smart doorbell, door lock and cameras give added security to your home. See who’s at the door whether you are home or not. Unlock the door remotely for your family and friends, you never have to give out a key to visitors. And with connected and smart lighting systems and TVs, you can remotely or use a timer to turn them on and off, creating a deterring system.

Samsung SmartThings Security Camera

Smart Home, Very Entertaining

“Hey Google, find romantic movies.” Yes, finding what to watch is that easy in a Smart Home. You can even tell your connected electronics or appliances to play music according to your mood. Throwing a party? With a smart lighting system like Philips Hue you can simply tell your smart lights to go into party mode, instantly change the ambience.

GE Kitchen Hub - very entertaining
Samsung Smart TV - find shows

Preset Your Routines and Start Them with One Press of a Button, or with One Single Voice Command

Set your connected devices to perform routine chores with just one command. Imagine the time you can save if you can just tell your Smart Home to set goodnight mode, and all the window blinds close, the lights are turned down or off, and the alarm system turned on. That is the power of a Smart Home, and it is only the beginning!


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