We’re going to switch things up a little bit today and talk more about interior decorating and less about home appliances. After all, it’s a combination of the two that make up the majority of your home. A lot of the products we talk about on this blog are very trendy and modern, but you also need the inside of your home to complement the contents of your house. We’ll start off simple: area rugs.


Oftentimes, people think more of free-standing furniture when they think about interior design. So, for example, couches, lamps, coffee tables– those are all vital to your living room, but a lot of people forget about what goes on the floor. Area rugs are great multi-functioning decor to not only keep your floors nice and clean but also make a huge difference in pulling together the look of a room. It’s like the icing on top of a cupcake. Sure, you don’t need it, but you’re definitely going to enjoy it a lot more when it’s there.


Whether you’re in a dorm room, have hardwood floors or carpet, a rug easily grounds a space. Not only do they add color to a space, rugs also provide sound absorption that can help soften sharp acoustics. Prices for an area rug can also run the gamut: if you have kids or are spill-prone, stick with something cheaper. Or, why not just get a rug that your kids can play on?


The best thing about rugs is that you can find one in almost any color, any pattern, any size and even in a variety of textures. When I was in college, I had a gray floral print rug from IKEA that fit perfectly in my tiny dorm room. Once, I walked into my friend’s living room and there was one of a majestic black stallion that took up the entire room. Even though those are drastically different styles, they made a world of difference between your average room and one of more sophistication– yes, even the horse one.


According to Design Meets Comfort, the general rule of thumb when choosing rug size is to make sure that it’s big enough so each piece of furniture in the room layers over an edge of the rug. However, rules are also made to be broken. If you’re eyeing something bigger, go for the impact.


So if you’re looking for a quick makeover for any room, just get a rug.