GE Refrigerator with
Hot Water Dispenser

In just minutes, GE’s new refrigerators can dispense hot water

GE Cafe Hot Water Dispenser Refrigerator

Always one to stay ahead of the curve, GE has built the convenience of boiling hot water into select models of its new refrigerators. This brings a whole new dimension of convenience to every day life with the ability to pour hot filtered water on demand from the front of your refrigerator door. A maximum of 10 oz’s of water, anywhere from 85 – 185 degrees, is only minutes away from your fingertips.

Ice, Cold and Hot Water Dispenser with LED Screen

The refrigerator comes preset with several settings like Soup, Tea, Cocoa, and Warm. There is also an option to set a specific temperature making it the perfect solution for various recipes where specific heat is required, the perfect example being coffee enthusiasts to make that perfect cup that is delicious and consistent.

Using the hot water dispenser could not be easier. Here is a great video to showcase how easy it is to use.

A simple push of the led screen, a quick selection of temperature settings, and the built in heating element starts boiling water. A count down timer will show up right away letting you know how much time you have to prepare your morning coffee. Once the hot water is done boiling, the knob illuminates red, and you are ready to dispense up to 10 oz of temperature controlled hot water.

GE thought of it all by adding a childproof function. Requiring that the user simultaneously push and turn the knob, adding additional safety for those who have children present.

Seamless Stainless Hot Water Dispenser with Pull Out Tray

The way the water dispenser is designed gives you ample space to add larger kettles, and the pull out tray means that you can easily place smaller pots and bowls into the container for smooth dispensing.

Easy to replace water filter.

An important detail to remember is that the water dispensed from GE refrigerators goes through a GE’s proprietary water filter. The quality of the filtered water is excellent, as the filter that is included are all NSF certified. More importantly a quick taste test gets the seal of approval from our staff. The filters need to be changed out about once in every 6 months or approximately 170 gallons of dispensed water. They only cost approximately $50.00 so some quick math suggests that the cost of operation is about 29 cents per gallon! That’s a great alternative to bottled water which is both expensive and harmful to the environment.

As of now, only the following two models have this feature.



I think the popularity of this features will be huge, and my guess is that we will be seeing more and more refrigerators with this incredibly convenient feature soon!