We spend a lot of time and money making sure our homes are a reflection of ourselves and how we want to live, but sometimes we forget that we also share our homes with our pets. We make sure our furniture and our decor suits us, but not very many of us give more than a second’s thought about what kind of needs our dogs and cats have.

Most pet owners probably have the basics: pet bed, litter box, kennel. Some might even splurge a little on stuff like hamster wheels and those bland, carpeted cat trees, but that was so last year. Thanks to a slew of creative designers and architects, we don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics (or even that extra space) for pet-friendly furniture. Check out these multi-functioning pieces that are perfect for both our pets and their owners. Who knew pet furniture could be so functional?


1. Cat-Library


Store books, movies and random collectibles on this bookshelf that lets your cat climb up and down to its pleasure.


2. CATable



This work desk doubles as a cat paradise that keeps your cat entertained with tunnels and mazes. The best part? It keeps kitty off the keyboard.

3. Cat Grass Table



Featuring a sliver of grass down the middle, this table now serves two: you and your feline can both enjoy a meal on this walnut table. You also never have to worry about centerpieces again.


4. Dog House Sofa



Man and his best friend can both relax comfortably on this couch.


5. Coffee Table Hammock


This sleek glass table looks good in any living room. You can put anything in the rattan (a species of palm) hammock, but look how cute it would be if you put your pet there instead.


6. Hunde Hus


No more sleeping at the foot of your bed! This bedside table is hollowed out to create a den for your pet. Adjacent to the opening is a mini terrace that comes with a cozy sheepskin for your dog or cat to lounge on.


7. Pet and Person Rocking Chair


Relax indoors or outdoors on this modern rocking chair. Two’s company? Your pet can come join you at the base.


8. Fishtank Planter


Fish are pretty low-maintenance as it is, but this tank is not only a sustainable ecosystem, it’s also a beautiful addition to your home. The fishes turn their eaten food into nutrients for the plant, and the water fed to the plant is filtered through the soil and becomes clean for the fish.


9. Cat Console


Want to avoid coming home to find your couch and pillow clawed to shreds? Get this space-saving cat console: It simply attaches to the wall for support and gives your cat a place to perch and scratch.


10. Corner Litter Cabinet



One of the most unsightly (and smelly) parts of having a cat is the litter box. The solution to that is the Corner Litter Cabinet, which carefully conceals the litter box inside what looks like a corner table.