Superco 2018 Holiday Sale

Superco Holiday Sale is here! No matter if you are looking for gift ideas for family and friends, or looking to reward yourself for a year's good behavior, we have hundreds of items for you to choose from, big and small. We are famous for low prices in the Los Angeles...

Superco 35th Anniversary Sale

Superco 35th Anniversary Sale. Best Prices + Free Gift with Purchase + Free Prize Drawing!

It’s Back! Free Hotel Stay with Beautyrest Mattress!

FREE Hotel Stay with Beautyrest Mattress offer is back! But only until 10/8/2018.

8 Million Reasons for 4K

4K HDTV You can never win with the incessant onslaught of new technology that's being advertised to us on the daily. You know the drill-- as soon as you have bought the newest 4G smartphone, you turn around and the 5G is already being pre-sold. What's the point of the...

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Turning On Your Oven? There’s an App for That.

GE Brillion Oven When Apple said "There's an app for that," they weren't kidding. The latest and greatest in home appliances isn't an appliance at all-- it's an app. With GE Brillion technology, all you have to do is download an app onto your phone and you'll have the...

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Team Bidet: Clean Hygiene and Environmentally Green

To bidet or not to bidet? That is the sometimes unsavory question to ask. But first, what is a bidet? You've probably seen it in someone's house before, wondering what this extra toilet-sink-hybrid looking thing is. To put it delicately, a bidet is a bathroom fixture...

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