Superco 35th Anniversary Sale

Superco 35th Anniversary Sale. Best Prices + Free Gift with Purchase + Free Prize Drawing!

It’s Back! Free Hotel Stay with Beautyrest Mattress!

FREE Hotel Stay with Beautyrest Mattress offer is back! But only until 10/8/2018.

Superco Labor Day Sale!

You’ve worked hard all year. Take advantage of Superco’s Labor Day Sale and treat yourself with something new!

The Water Paradox: How to Save Water During a Drought

How to Save Water During a Drought Don't let news of the impending "winter" rainstorms fool you-- when California is not getting its biannual inch or two of drizzle, it's sun, sun, sun. Some people say we're blessed with beautiful, balmy weather all year long and it's...

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Team Zojirushi or Team Tiger?

There are a couple factors that we take into consideration before we pull out our wallets and swipe our favorite piece of plastic. The degree which we take into consideration each factor depends on what kind of item it is. For instance, when we're buying a pair of...

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Spotlight on Tatung

Growing up in an Asian American household with Taiwanese parents, I realized that the importance of my heritage is never more apparent than when it comes to brands. When I was looking for a new phone to buy, my parents firmly put their foot down against Samsung and...

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Add Accent Pieces: Making Your House Your Home

One of the biggest landmarks of your life is purchasing a new house. Whether you've done it already or it's in the horizon for you, it's a huge step that we're all going to inevitably take. But making that purchase doesn't stop there. Depending on how you look at it,...

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Motion Bedding: The Bed You’ll Never Want to Leave

A couple months ago I wrote a post about all the health benefits of upgrading to a new mattress, but what about what goes underneath the mattress? It's like the story of the Princess and the Pea: it doesn't matter how many mattresses you have or how good they are-- if...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

With Christmas less than 10 days away, it's about that time where most of us are scrambling for some last minute gift ideas. Whatever your excuse is for procrastinating, don't worry because this blog post is for all of us out there that are scouring the Internet for...

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One Hot Pot, Multiple Functions

There's no doubt that multiple functions is better than only one, which is why we live in the age of universal remotes and smartphones. When it comes to your home, the same ideology applies. Who has room to litter their kitchen counter with appliance after appliance...

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8 Million Reasons for 4K

4K HDTV You can never win with the incessant onslaught of new technology that's being advertised to us on the daily. You know the drill-- as soon as you have bought the newest 4G smartphone, you turn around and the 5G is already being pre-sold. What's the point of the...

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