Superco Labor Day Sale!

You’ve worked hard all year. Take advantage of Superco’s Labor Day Sale and treat yourself with something new!

Heat Wave Is Coming! Ways To Stay Cool

Have you heard, a heat wave is coming to So Cal this weekend? At Superco we have many options to help you stay cool.

Superco 2018 4th of July Sale

SUPERCO 4TH OF JULY SALE Now until 7/8/2018 Celebrate the birth of our country! We have some EXPLOSIVE savings for you that will definitely make you see fireworks! Name brand appliances, furniture, mattresses, massage chairs, etc. Savings as much as $1200....

One Hot Pot, Multiple Functions

There's no doubt that multiple functions is better than only one, which is why we live in the age of universal remotes and smartphones. When it comes to your home, the same ideology applies. Who has room to litter their kitchen counter with appliance after appliance...

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8 Million Reasons for 4K

4K HDTV You can never win with the incessant onslaught of new technology that's being advertised to us on the daily. You know the drill-- as soon as you have bought the newest 4G smartphone, you turn around and the 5G is already being pre-sold. What's the point of the...

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Turning On Your Oven? There’s an App for That.

GE Brillion Oven When Apple said "There's an app for that," they weren't kidding. The latest and greatest in home appliances isn't an appliance at all-- it's an app. With GE Brillion technology, all you have to do is download an app onto your phone and you'll have the...

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Team Bidet: Clean Hygiene and Environmentally Green

To bidet or not to bidet? That is the sometimes unsavory question to ask. But first, what is a bidet? You've probably seen it in someone's house before, wondering what this extra toilet-sink-hybrid looking thing is. To put it delicately, a bidet is a bathroom fixture...

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