Superco 2018 Holiday Sale

Superco Holiday Sale is here! No matter if you are looking for gift ideas for family and friends, or looking to reward yourself for a year's good behavior, we have hundreds of items for you to choose from, big and small. We are famous for low prices in the Los Angeles...

Superco 35th Anniversary Sale

Superco 35th Anniversary Sale. Best Prices + Free Gift with Purchase + Free Prize Drawing!

It’s Back! Free Hotel Stay with Beautyrest Mattress!

FREE Hotel Stay with Beautyrest Mattress offer is back! But only until 10/8/2018.

Jura Coffee Machine, Easy, Great Flavor, Cost Efficient

I need coffee to wake up in the morning. At least 2 cups. And that's just to get me going. On those days that seem extra long and taxing, a cup or two in the afternoon is an absolute necessity for survival. Then there are social engagements that almost seem to always...

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Keeping Cool, Even If It’s The End Of Summer

Despite Labor Day being common knowledge as the dreaded end of summer, LA has yet to say goodbye to rising temperatures. While most people think of summer months like June and July as the hottest time of the year, it's actually August and September that yield the...

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Not Just for Soy Milk – Multi-Function Nutrition Maker

Soy milk has long been a popular beverage in Chinese culture for centuries. It contains similar proportion of protein as cow's milk. For that reason it has also become a favorite substitute for milk all around the world. Perfect for those who are lactose-intolerant,...

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Pet Furniture for the 21st Century Home

We spend a lot of time and money making sure our homes are a reflection of ourselves and how we want to live, but sometimes we forget that we also share our homes with our pets. We make sure our furniture and our decor suits us, but not very many of us give more than...

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Ahead of the Curve?: Pros and Cons of Curved TVs

Curved TVs are taking the electronics industry by storm. Everyone from LG to Samsung has debuted their own curved screen this year, closely following the heels of the 3D and 4K trend of 2013. But is it just that- a trend, a fleeting fad that won't live to see 2015? We...

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Small Detail, Big Impact – Get a Rug

We're going to switch things up a little bit today and talk more about interior decorating and less about home appliances. After all, it's a combination of the two that make up the majority of your home. A lot of the products we talk about on this blog are very trendy...

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The Internet of Things: Household Items You Wish You Had

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of inventions being conceptually created and constructed daily yet no one knows about them. It's hard to imagine how much content and information we don't know when we have a seemingly unlimited amount of data that's just a quick...

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Cuckoo for Cuckoo Rice Cookers

Some people like to cook alone. Others do it out of habit. Personally, I prefer solo cooking. It's a time where I can relax and reflect. In a way, it's therapeutic. But sometimes (perhaps after being inspired by "Top Chef") everything gets hard to keep track of when...

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