\zen-juh-neer\ verb
To artfully blend ancient ideas of meditation and intuition with unsurpassed state of the art technology

Zengineering is the heart and soul of this massage chair.

For almost a century, Panasonic has developed highly-regarded consumer and industrial product that marry innovative technology with thoughtful design.

Delicate enough to caress, powerful enough to provide deep therapy, and soothing enough to promote relaxation, every part of this newest Panasonic massage chair has been thoughtfully engineered. The combination of advanced technology and expert craftsmanship produces satisfying results for even the most discerning individuals.

This is Zengineering.



The MAJ7 is Panasonic’s most premium massage chair experience. A stunning demonstration of Panasonic’s unrivaled attention to detail, every stitch and every function have been thoughtfully crafted to surround you in comfort and deliver therapeutic treatment.

As much as the chair looks every bit the part of an opulent experience, the richness of the MAJ7 is more than skin deep. Under the luxury automobile inspired cross stitching, lies the advanced precision technology that drives the MAJ7. It is what allows the chair to bring you clear-minded revitalization and complete escape. When you own the MAJ7, these rarest of joys are yours whenever you desire.


Professional Stretching Techniques
By blending the Real Pro Ultra functions with full-body air cell coverage, the MAJ7 delivers an impressive suite of stretching movements. These powerfully therapeutic movements (which you’ll find in many of the chair’s programmed sessions) mobilize the spine, promote relaxation, and improve the flexibility of the lower back, middle back, and neck. Our stretching techniques are perfect for post-workout relaxation or to shake o sleep and stiffness as a morning rejuvenation session. The MAJ7 offers a full range of stretching techniques, including Neck, Pelvis, Chest, Leg, Lower Back, and new for the MAJ7, Core.

Full-Body Air Massage
Thirty-seven soothing air cells apply compression massage to the shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, feet, forearms, and hands. The MAJ7’s extensive air cell array is carefully positioned for maximum benefit and insightfully programmed for maximum healing effect. Compression and release are sequenced to faithfully replicate the motions of a real massage therapist. The MAJ7 features extended shoulder air cells to provide stronger hold and range, as well as heel air cells to complete a whole foot massage. This chair leaves no space unaddressed.

3D Massage System
With whisper quiet, high-performance brushless motors drive and direct Real Pro Ultra along an X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis offering full freedom of movement in three-dimensional space. As a result, the MAJ7 can switch between massage styles, reach above the shoulders, and soothe every square inch of your back.

Infrared Heated Rollers
Infrared heated massage rollers generate soothing warmth to help relax sore, tense muscles. With heating elements located directly on the massage roller assembly, the MAJ7 delivers point-specific heat you’d expect to feel from the thumbs and palms of a massage therapist’s hands.

Advanced Lower Core Massage
The MAJ7’s seat air cells gently lift and reposition your whole body allowing the mechanism to work the glutes and upper hamstrings. Relief for stiff, tight hips is achieved by targeting acupressure points. Over 4.5” of in and out “reach” from the Real Pro make the Lower Core capabilities uniquely capable.

Real-time 6-Position and Force Micro Processor
The Real Pro Ultra mechanism constantly feeds information to the chair’s Position and Force Micro Processor, adjusting massage movements based on this real-time feedback. This responsiveness allows the MAJ7 to faithfully replicate the intricate kneading movements of a human masseuse. The MAJ7’s ability to sense pressure also means that massage intensity is customized to each user.

Professional Sole Massage
A fusion of cutting-edge technology and reflexology techniques deliver deep, therapy to the soles of your feet. Full coverage air cells hold your foot in place as the foot massage mechanism replicates the hand movements of a professional reflexologist. Capable of plantar arch manipulating massage, sole kneading, and sole shiatsu, the sole mechanism can adjust intensity and style to suit your mood and your need.

Multiple Massage Actions
The MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra performs complex Junetsu and Shiatsu massage movements. Rolling, tapping, kneading, and ultra-slow kneading techniques are combined in programmed sessions to mimic the touch of human hands and deliver maximum benefit. 

Intensity Sensing and Adjustments
The individual massage features of the MAJ7 are adjustable from gentle to firm. Air cell compression intensity, foot massage intensity, and roller massage intensity are each independently controlled. Plus, up to three users can program and save their favorite settings.






Panasonic’s Real Pro Ultra back massage mechanism is Zengineered to deliver a lifelike massage that simulates the movement, touch, and warmth of human hands. Panasonic’s engineers and massage experts worked together to imagine and build a precise, effective mechanism.

Refined, intuitive, and customizable, the Real Pro Ultra is your at-home, on-call massage therapist. By combining body profile scanning with pressure sensing massage rollers, Real Pro Ultra delivers a tailored massage with intensity focused directly on acupressure points.

The MAJ7 contains the latest generation of the Real Pro Ultra taking the hallmarks of power and refinement and pushing them further still. Thoughtful enough to detect tension in your muscles and continue to sense your body’s pressure at a rate of 100 times per second, Real Pro Ultra allows the MAJ7 to adjust the massage and provide the best experience for you.

Real Pro Ultra: The engine that drives the MAJ7 massage chair.



Reflexology is more than simply a foot massage. The practice and purpose go deeper than the skin and muscles by taking specific reflex points on the foot to induce a healing response elsewhere in the body. Kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot and pushing deep into the arch are just a few of the many small, intense movements you’ll experience during a reflexology treatment using the MAJ7 foot massage.

With repeated practice of applying pressure and manipulating nerve endings traditionally in the foot, reflexology can help to clear channels of blocked energy through moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses to ultimately help improve overall health and balance.



Junetsu Ultra Kneading
A Real Pro Ultra Exclusive Junetsu Ultra Kneading massage techniques involve tight, spiral movements that quickly and effectively loosen tight muscles. The target zones benefit from increased blood flow and improvement in pliability of muscle fibers. Junetsu Ultra Kneading also does an exceptional job relaxing the neck and shoulders, improving mobility, range of motion, and comfort. These techniques are proprietary and exclusive to Panasonic massage chairs.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, this Japanese style of massage literally translates to “finger pressure.” As the name suggests, shiatsu massage addresses specific points on the body, often referred to as shiatsu points, pressure points, or acupressure points. The MAJ7’s body type scan in concert with pressure sensing massage heads direct force accurately and firmly on shiatsu points.


The Swedish massage style helps to provide overall relaxation and improve circulation, while enhancing physical health and mental well-being. The MAJ7’s Real Pro Ultra mechanism applies gentle pressure and movements to simulate how a massage therapist uses hands and palms to provide the relaxing movements typical of Swedish massage.

Experience the dazzling variety in circumference, speed, and depth of kneading offered by the MAJ7. From deep kneading therapy to the most gentle of strokes, MAJ7’s next-generation Real Pro Ultra massage mechanism makes it possible to recreate the trained hands of a massage therapist.

This motion simulates the sensation of hands percussively or gently tapping the back. Rapid tapping invigorates and revitalizes, while slow tapping can help your mind and body drift peacefully and comfortably into deep meditation.

An up-down movement that is as simple as it sounds… that is until you add in the variation of speed, width, and depth that can be achieved by MAJ7’s Real Pro Ultra mechanism. Rolling motions are surprisingly relaxing, and they provide beneficial intersegmental traction and extension to all levels of your back. Regular back mobilization helps promote and maintain the health of spinal discs.