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Living in Los Angeles is great. You get beautiful weather, you’re close enough to the beach and you’re just a drive away from the mountains. But the biggest catch of all is sitting in traffic waiting to get there. You just sit there idly, slouched and peeved because some jerk just cut you off when really, no one is even moving. All you want to do is go to a spa, relax, and take the tension off your shoulders, BUT, you also desperately just want to go home. Who said the two can’t be the same thing?


I mean, who even has the time to go out and get a massage these days? After calling to make an appointment, then rescheduling a couple times, and then finally driving there (God help you if there’s traffic) and then having to repeat that process on the way back is a stressful ordeal in itself, rendering the whole point of getting a massage useless.

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Cut out that waste of time and treat yourself to a full body massage at home whenever you want for as long as you want . A massage chair is like a throne. It says, “I am the king of the house” as you sit there in all your glorious comfort. Maybe you just got home and have to pick up the kids in half an hour. That’s more than enough time to squeeze in a massage before you have to run off again. The bonus is that if you’re in need of a quick fix, a massage chair is like the equivalent of having two or three masseuses simultaneously, so the time it would normally take to have a massage is condensed in half.

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I know sharing will probably be difficult, but hey, you’re not the only one that needs to relax. The great thing about having a massage chair is that anyone in the family can use it too. Studies have found that stressed individuals tend to argue and bicker more. So less stress equals less fighting and if having a massage chair means less stress, then technically a massage chair also equals less fighting. Now, that might not be an EXACT scientific deduction, but it makes perfect sense to me. However, there are no guarantees about fights ensuing about who’s turn it is on the massage chair.

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Besides just being used to relieve stress and tensions, which, by the way, CAN KILL YOU, massage chairs are also intended for people with spine problems. Massages help increase blood flow, which facilitates circulation and the absorption of nutritional elements into the muscles and tissues. You’re also increasing lymphatic circulation and clearing toxins out of these areas. It can also help loosen tight and strained muscles, allowing them to relax. And for further proof that massage chairs are mentally and physically beneficial, studies have found that massage therapy increases endorphin levels. Not only does this mean that you’re happy, but those “feel good” chemicals coursing through your body induces positive results associated with quicker recovery, reduced pain and reduced anxiety.

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So go head to your nearest Superco and “test” one out for yourself. It’s okay- we’ve all ended up staying glued to it for too long that the sales associate had to ask us to leave. No shame.

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