Coffee shop with price board and people

I need coffee to wake up in the morning. At least 2 cups. And that’s just to get me going. On those days that seem extra long and taxing, a cup or two in the afternoon is an absolute necessity for survival. Then there are social engagements that almost seem to always start at a coffee shop. “Hey, like to grab some coffee and catch up?” WOW! That’s a lot of coffee! And you know and I know, I am not alone in this drinking game.

Cup of Coffee and Coffee Beans

Coffee drinking may often seem like a necessity. But truly, people drink it mostly for pure pleasure. It’s easy enough to make coffee. Just steep ground coffee in hot water and there you go. Potent, but not necessary pleasurable to drink. To make a perfect cup of joe, you need to follow some tips:

  • First of all, good quality beans of course.
  • Grind the beans only when you are ready to brew. Use a good grinder that produces consistent particle sizes. Ground sizes affects brewing time. Uniform grounds will allow you to have better control of timing and prevent bitter or weak coffee.
  • Use good, fresh water. If you don’t think your tap water tastes good, use filtered water or bottle water, but never distilled water. Some mineral content in the water is necessary for a good extraction of coffee goodness from the ground coffee.
  • Right water temperature. Ideal temperature is 195 to 205 degrees F.
  • Whatever method you are using, keep any equipment clean. You don’t want old sediments on an unclean equipment adding questionable “flavor” to your coffee.
  • Infusion time is crucial. Too short the coffee is weak. Too long it starts to turn bitter. Check the recommended time for your brewing method.
  • Lastly, don’t let your cup of coffee sit for too long. It is only fresh for about 10 minutes after brewing. So make only as much as you can drink right away. Don’t leave it sitting on a hotplate to keep warm.

Sounds like precise science, doesn’t it? Well, it kinda is. To be honest, it’s more involved than I’d like. Luckily in this day and age we have modern technology to make most things easier. What I need here is a machine that makes one cup of coffee at a time. One that ensures the freshness of the ground for best flavor, but doesn’t require that I, myself, go through the grinding, heating water to perfect temperature and timing the infusion process.

Nespresso coffee capsules

Coffee machines that use pods to make one cup of coffee at a time is very IN right now. Each pod seals in the freshness of perfectly ground coffee to be released only during brewing. The machines are programmed to use perfect water temperature and precise infusion time. A great cup of coffee is as simple as popping in a pod and it is done in no time. BUT WAIT, there is an issue here, an environmental one. The convenience of the single-cup pods come at a price. They require more product packaging which means more waste produced. Believe it or not, all of the k-cups sold in 2013 could wrap around the Earth 10.5 times. YIKES! Is there an alternative? Yes, there is! And actually makes your caffeinated habit cost less in the long run. I will explain in a little bit.

Jura Coffee Machine Impressa J9 brand badgeJura Coffee Machine Impressa J9 complete product viewJura Coffee Machine Ena Micro complete product view

Jura, a Swiss company that makes excellent, easy to use and easy to clean coffee machines that allow you to make a perfect cup of coffee with just a few press of buttons. Using the latest innovations and technologies, they allow you to store and keep fresh the coffee beans, grind them perfectly just before brewing each cup. Precise brewing system using the perfect ratio of coffee and water, and optimum water temperature to make each cup just the way you like it, on demand. Some units even allow you to make varieties of gourmet drinks like Latte macchiato and cappuccino. You can do a lot with the coffee you make. Check out Jura’s recipe section for more fun ideas.

Jura Coffee Machine Impressa J9 display menuJura Coffee Machine Impressa J9 coffee dispenser imageJura Coffee Machine Impressa J9 with milk foam dispenser

Now let’s get back to the cost issue. It’s true, the pod machine’s initial investment maybe dramatic lower than a gourmet coffee machine like Jura. But according to this post on People, Process & Technology, the total cost of 3 cups a day for 3 years using a Jura ENA 4 ($700) is more than $1150 less than using a pod coffee machine. That’s just one person! And the savings is even more when compared to getting coffee from a coffee shop. What’s not to like? Professionally made coffee without even setting one foot outside of the house. OK, you do have to go buy coffee beans, and bottle water if you so inclined.

Check out the three models of Jura coffee machines that we carry at Superco.