There are thousands, perhaps millions, of inventions being conceptually created and constructed daily yet no one knows about them. It’s hard to imagine how much content and information we don’t know when we have a seemingly unlimited amount of data that’s just a quick web search away.


One of the new trends in invention is figuring out how to fuse technology into everyday items we use at home and reinvent some of the things we use daily. Enter the Internet of things. The internet (whose 25th birthday was just a couple days ago) is the hub for all these gadgets and gizmos. I took the liberty of doing said search, and from creative product design to high-tech devices, here are some things you didn’t know how you could’ve missed:

Crockpot Wemo Smart Slow Cooker


I know what you’re thinking– how is this creative or even high tech? Well, not only are slow cookers the magic lamp of easy-to-make AND delicious food, this cooker wirelessly connects to your home network so you can control it from virtually anywhere, as long as you have your phone.


Toaster with Egg Poacher


It toasts your toast and cooks/poaches/steam-scrambles your egg. You can have a complete breakfast sandwich in just 4 minutes. Perfect for those days when you’re running out the door.


Disinfecting Dishwasher Light


This is as practical as it is compact. Studies have shown that 62% of dishwashers harbor mold- an alarming fact as this is where you are supposedly cleaning your dishes. The device uses a disinfecting light that kills up to 99.9% of microbes without the use of chemicals.


Power Bed Riser


Bed risers are used to elevate a bed frame, giving you that extra couple inches of under-bed space. It’s popular with students living in dorms, who are cramped on storage space, but they’re useful in smaller rooms as well. These bed risers also come with a twin 110-volt 15-amp power outlet as well as twin USB outlets.


C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser


What’s the point of soap if the dispenser has bacteria and microbes crawling around all over it? This soap dispenser uses the back of your hand to pump out the soap, keeping the top clean.


Transparent TV


Just look at it. The design is so sleek and clean that it’s a television that doubles as next-level home decor. Don’t worry, the pictures are still solid with just as much rich color as other televisions on the market.


Self-sanitizing Door Handle


For the hygiene-obsessed parent: when not in use, the UV lamp built into the door handle continuously sterilizes to maintain cleanliness. It helps prevent the spread of the flu virus, which is transmitted mainly by hand contact.

The age of the internet of things is around the corner, and we all stand to benefit from these amazing inventions.

Can’t get enough? Do your own Google search and see what else you can find!