Electric Space Heater in Grandma's Room

Nothing feels better than to be in a warm, cozy room on a cold winter day. Do you need a heater? Or do you want to save energy and money by getting a space heater for just the room you spend time in? Here are some tips on how to select the right heater for your intended room.

Pick the Right Heater to Cover Your Room

Before you head out to shop for a space heater, you must find out the size of your room. Calculate your room size in square footage. To heat a room comfortably you need 10 watts per square foot. So if you have a 100 sq. ft. room, 10 watts x 100, you’ll need a heater that has at least 1,000 watts of heating power. Insulation and ceiling height also play a role in determining the heating power required. If you have poor insulation problem, it’s best to get a stronger unit. Tall ceiling? More heating power is also needed.

Types of Space Heaters

Heaters are not all made the same. Understanding them will allow you to pick one that you will enjoy for a long time. There are 2 basic types of heaters, Radiant and Convection.

Radiant Space Heater

Radiant Heater

Radiant Heaters use quartz or metal elements and reflector to produce and direct heat. This type of heater warm up the immediate area very quickly, but will take a long time to heat an entire room. If you are looking to quickly warm up the area where you sit or sleep, Radian Heater is a good pick.

Convection Space Heater

Convection Heater

Convection Heaters use airflow to quickly and efficiently distribute heat throughout a room. They pull cool air through the heating elements, then distribute the warm air around the room. Some use fans to assist in the circulation. They are usually less powerful than the radiant heaters, but they do a better job in covering the entire room with warmth quickly.

There are other design and functionality considerations. You may want a small but portable unit that you can use from room to room. You may want a unit that is low profile so it stays out of sight. You may have child or pet safety concerns. Then a Wall type heater can let you install it out of reach of children or pet. There are also larger Electric Fireplace type heaters that can be quite beautiful, and powerful enough to warm up an entire family room.

Humidifier Mist

Pick Up a Humidifier While You Are at It

Although heaters make your room warm and cozy, they can dry out the air. A healthy humidity level is between 25% to 55%. Severely low humidity level can cause discomfort such as sinus headache, dry itchy skin, sneezing and coughing. Low humidity can also dry out the inside of your nose and throat, possibly causing nose bleed, sore throat and sinus infection. Adding a humidifier in the room can replenish essential moisture back into the air. It can also help relieve congestion cause by the common cold, flu or sinus infection. So, pick one up!

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