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Record Breaking Heat

Have you heard, a heat wave is coming to So Cal this weekend? And the forecast predicts that it will be a record breaking one with temperature reaching triple-digit by this Friday, and the nighttime temperature will be rising, too! It would be nice to escape to somewhere cooler and avoid the heat. But it doesn’t mean you have to endure the heat without any relief if you have to stay in town! Spray water on yourself if that’s what you like. At Superco we have better ways to help you stay cool.

Electrical Fans

A nice breeze cools the body. Electrical fans are affordable and efficient. Set one up in every room that you spend time in. There are many options to choose from at Superco. Floor fans, desk & wall fans, room air circulators, etc. If you have kids and want to be extra safe, we also have Dyson bladeless Air Multipliers that give you high-velocity airflow without dangerous moving parts.


Evaporative Air Coolers

Sometimes you just want something that works a little better than an electrical fan, but still doesn’t cost as much to run as an air conditioner. Evaporative Air Cooler is your answer. Also known as Swamp Coolers, Evaporative Air Coolers are perfect for So Cal climate. (These machines work better in an environment that has humidity level of 60% or less.) Evaporative Air Coolers cool the air by passing warm air through water moistened cooling pad. The result can be air that is up to 20 degrees cooler, and the room temperature can feel 4 to 6 degrees lower. Some units even allow ice packs to cool the air even more.


Portable Air Conditioners

Now we are getting into something more serious… Portable Air Conditioners work just like window AC units, cooling air using the awesome power of refrigerant. But it doesn’t require installing the unit in a window or in a wall, a quick way to give you the awesome cooling power of an air conditioner. It’s truly portable, wheels included! You just need to roll it to the room you want to cool, plug it in, attach the exhaust hose to a sliding window or door. That’s it!


Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

If you want a more permanent, fixed air conditioning solution, consider investing in a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. Why not a easy to install window AC unit you might ask? Well, window AC is more noisy with the compressor situated inside the same unit. It also takes away the function of the window you install it on, blocking light and also the ability to open the window and letting fresh air in. Plus, you might not like the look of an AC in the window.

What is a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner? It’s called a Split Air because the system is split into an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The compressor is in the outside unit, and the indoor unit is used only to control and deliver cool air throughout the room. This dramatically reduces the noise level. And unlike central air system, Mini Split Air Conditioner do not need a network of ducts throughout the house. This makes it easier to add to a home without a big installation cost.

Mini Split Air Conditioner can also be multi rooms, meaning one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units, each with their own thermostat and control. Indoor units can be on the walls or on the ceiling. Making it very flexible to install. Some units can even provide both cool air and heat, making your home comfortable year round.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners are available from 9,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU.

Come to one of our store locations in So Cal and check out these cooling options! Our sales consultants can help you figure out the best choice for your home. And we can even arrange installation for you if you need help installing. And of course, our prices are always fantastic!