Welcome to the first edition of Gadget Report where I hope to introduce gadgets/new products that are smart, innovative and practical. Maybe a few whacky products here and there just for fun. These product introductions will be kept short and sweet. So, let’s begin…

Tovolo TeaGo - The Mobile Tea PressTovolo TeaGo – The Mobile Tea Press

This is a fantastic gadget for tea lover on the go. It makes tea making less fussy when one is not called to perform an actual tea ceremony. This tiny tea press has a compartment that allows you to carry loose tea leaves, ready to be used whenever you feel like it’s tea time. A side clip helps keep the tea press from sinking to the bottom if using a tall glass. When the tea is adequately steeped, just use the press and quickly express the infused tea out. You don’t even need to look for a tea bag dish to rest it on. Just put the cap back on and you are done! Cheers!

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Tovolo TeaGo - The Mobile Tea Press

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot™

Knife skill is very important in cooking. You would get picked apart by professionals if you have unevenly cut pieces in your food. OK, OK, this product has nothing to do with knife skill. But it does make transferring your carefully, lovingly cut ingredients from the chopping board to the pot so much easier. The cleverly designed Chop2Pot™ lays flat to provide a cutting surface for you to prepare food. When you are done, just a squeeze of the handle and the board transforms into a chute, allowing you to easily transfer the food into the pot. How cool is that?

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Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot


Citrus ZingerCitrus Zinger

Why buy bottled flavored water when you can easily make your own with real fruit? The concept is so simple. Add a citrus juicer to a sports bottle. Voilà!

Squeeze half of a citrus fruit on the juicer end of the Citrus Zinger. Use the whole fruit for stronger flavor if you’d like. Leave the rind on the juicer end and twist on the cap tightly. Turn it around and twist open the other cap. Fill the bottle with water, twist the cap back on tightly then shake. Natural and healthy citrus flavored water is created! You can experiment by adding other ingredients. Try a little bit of fresh mint. Or maybe a little fresh ginger. Be creative and be healthy!

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Citrus Zinger