Boiling water on the stovetop

“It’s like watching water boil.” “Watched pot never boils.” That’s what we say in describing things that seem to take longer to happen when we wait anxiously. Have you watched water boil on the stove? It really does seem to take forever when you are in a hurry for some hot water, doesn’t it?

If you use a lot of hot water throughout the day, tea drinking for example, the traditional way of boiling water on stovetop can quickly become a chore. Imagine waiting for water to get hot every time you want to have a cup of hot tea? Wouldn’t it be nice to have instant hot water whenever you are inspired to have some tea?

There are different ways to get instant hot water. You can put in a water dispenser in the sink that can give you near boiling point hot water whenever you want it. But custom installation is required. If you don’t want to mess with your sink, there’s another way to get instant hot water… electric water boiler.

Zojirushi Electric Water Boiler Control Panel

Electric water boiler is not new in the Asian market. But I am surprised to find that most of my friends don’t even know of its existence. It’s like a electric kettle with a microcomputer. It will boil your water and keep it warm so you can have hot water without waiting. You can also set most of these water boilers to keep water at a temperature that’s best for what you want to do. This is great for tea or coffee drinkers that require a precise water temperature for ultimate brewing. It is a feature that you don’t find in the in-sink dispenser.

Zojirushi Electric Water Boiler multiple use

Think of all the things you can do quickly with hot water at the ready. Tea and coffee making, instant soup or noodle, blanching vegetables, heating baby bottles, cleaning, etc. Speed up cooking time by starting with hot water instead of cold. Don’t watch water boil ever again. Fill up one of these electric water boilers and it will heat and keep the water hot for you all day!

Superco carries variety of name brand electric water boilers, including Zojirushi, Panasonic, Tiger and Tatung. Check them out on our website or in store.

There is another product that you might consider. It’s not a source for instant hot water. It’s still pretty fast, just not instant. It is very convenient and can definitely keep you from anxiously watching water boil. In fact you’ll no longer need to own a kettle or pot to make hot water. GE introduced a new generation of refrigerators that not only dispenses ice and cold water. It can also dispense hot water to the temperature that you want, on demand! Check out the demo video below. If you are already in the market for a refrigerator, why not check these out at Superco!