Some people like to cook alone. Others do it out of habit. Personally, I prefer solo cooking. It’s a time where I can relax and reflect. In a way, it’s therapeutic. But sometimes (perhaps after being inspired by “Top Chef”) everything gets hard to keep track of when you have one thing in the oven, another thing on the stovetop, something else marinating in the fridge, all while you’re chopping onions and trying to hold the tears at bay. Throw in new technology that sometimes hinders more than helps and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.


If you’ve ever used appliances like digital toasters or microwaves that have a tiny little screen that is barely big enough to display the cooking time, causing you to scrunch your face up, at first in confusion and then in anger, then this kitchen appliance is the next best thing.

Korean brand Cuckoo has come out with a rice cooker equipped with advanced features, including intelligent technology that has unique settings for different types of rice. Another pro to the device is how simple it is to clean. The inner lid is detachable to make the parts more accessible to wash. It also has an advanced auto steam cleaning feature that makes it easier to remove hard sticking food particles.


Most notable of its features is its one-of-a-kind, built-in voice that comes in Korean, Chinese and English. It’s kind of like having R2D2 in the kitchen, and it even looks like a sleeker, monochromatic version of it too. The voice prompt helps guide users every step of the way, so whether you’ve never used a rice cooker before in your life or if you’re a pro, you can’t mess up.

Cuckoo rice cookers take the art of cooking rice seriously!