With Christmas less than 10 days away, it’s about that time where most of us are scrambling for some last minute gift ideas. Whatever your excuse is for procrastinating, don’t worry because this blog post is for all of us out there that are scouring the Internet for what to get whom. This is the perfect Christmas Gift Ideas list for everyone on your list:


The College Student: Blender

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what they want, so the best way to tackle this is to give them something they probably need. When you think of college kids, you probably also shudder to think of what little food they can cook up for themselves in the kitchen. Chances are, they probably already have the essentials: microwave, toaster, boiler, stove, etc. But the one thing they probably don’t have is a blender. It’s one of those items that you would use if you have but wouldn’t necessarily go out to buy it unless you needed it, so it’s hard to go wrong with this one. It’s versatile for every kind of college kid. The bodybuilder-slash-gym rat would love it for their whey protein shakes, the health-conscious students can blend a quick breakfast smoothie on the way to class, and for every college kid—those nights where you’re just craving an Oreo milkshake (which is almost all the time).


The Family: Karaoke Machine

Family time is never overrated. Coming from a childhood where “family time” was nearly every opportunity my parents could make it, I have to say that even though I loathed it at the time, I cherish it now. Nowadays, spending time with family is rare. The one time a day we see our family is usually at the dinner table. Other opportunities might be while watching TV or a movie. But this year, it all changes. Imagine unwrapping a karaoke machine underneath the Christmas tree. You can set up the system immediately and start caroling together. It’s both a gift for the whole family and for friends and guests when they come over. The best thing about karaoke with family is that no matter how terrible you are at singing, they’ll still love you anyway.


The Dad: Grill

This might seem like a stereotypical Father’s Day gift and it kind of is. But I’m not talking about a huge decked-out George Foreman in the backyard. An indoor electric grill is perfect for every Dad, even the ones that don’t actually like to grill. It’s small and compact so that you can cook anything from hot dogs to Korean BBQ on the kitchen table. And even if your dad doesn’t know how to cook, this will make him feel like he does.


The Mom: Massage

When I was younger, I used to give my mom little handmade coupons for “Free 15-Minute Massages.” Now that I’m older, I can give her an actual massager. After raising kids and being a working mother, our moms deserve some R&R. With this kind of item, you can get a whole range of products. There are foot massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, and even heated pillow massagers. If you wanna splurge and get her the whole package, there’s always the whole massage chair. Extra perks include also getting to use the massager and being the favorite child.


The Recent Grad: Wireless Speakers

For the recent grad in your life who has started adult life, one of the fail-safe gifts to get him or her is something for their new pad. Wireless speakers can hook up to their TV and add to their home entertainment system or connect to a smartphone or tablet to play music for any occasion. They also come in a variety of sizes, from portable to massive sound systems. They come in a versatile price range too, making both you and the giftee happy.

wireless speakre

The Sibling: Lunch Jar

I know what this sounds like, bring in the running for worst sibling of the year award. I mean, what are lunch jars anyway? They’re basically stainless steel jars, both small and big, that you pack your food in. hear me out: these jars are practical because they better preserve the quality of your food when you pack your lunch. The stainless steel containers’ insulation keeps food warm or cold for hours. They’re also microwaveable, because you really need to stop microwaving plastic containers and shaving off years of your life. They’re perfect for any age, from kids to take to school to adults to take to work.


The Grandparents: Digital Photo Frame

Your grandparents don’t care about the latest gadgets or tech. They care about you, and sometimes the best gift is the simplest one. A framed picture of you and your family is a treasure to them. But with today’s technology, you can afford to be a little more savvy with a digital photo frame. That way, you’re not just giving them one picture. Pre-upload as many photographs as you want to before giving it to them, that way they can see your smiling faces as soon as they open your gift.


For a one a one-stop shop for all these items, visit Superco online. But just remember, the most important gift of all is being able to spend the holidays with all your loved ones, so be merry and spread the holiday cheer!