To bidet or not to bidet?

That is the sometimes unsavory question to ask. But first, what is a bidet? You’ve probably seen it in someone’s house before, wondering what this extra toilet-sink-hybrid looking thing is. To put it delicately, a bidet is a bathroom fixture whose primary function is to wash your behind.

Toilet and Bidet

So, back to the original question: to bidet or not to? It’s easy to brush bidets off because they’re not as widely perceived here and it’s admittedly a little weird to get used to the idea of having water sprayed up your derriere. But with a little research, you’ll find that bidets are the cleaner and healthier choice, despite (and in spite of) its lack of popularity in the US.

Bidets increase cleanliness and can even be therapeutic for damaged skin, rashes and hemorrhoids. Wiping, as opposed to washing, has health concerns of its own. Don’t you wonder why those “employees must wash hands” signs posted in public restrooms are even necessary? The fact is that only about half of us wash our hands after using the bathroom and that almost 80 percent of infectious diseases are passed on via human contact, BioRelief reports. Yikes. And not only are bidets better for your health, they’re also better for the environment by eliminating the need for toilet paper and all the production costs, both financial and energy, that come with it.

Happy Bidet

With such overwhelming pros, why don’t we see bidets more often? The truth is bidets are popular pretty much everywhere except in North America. About 60% of Japanese households have high-tech (not even the basic kind!) bidets. 90% of households in our Venezuelan neighbor to the south is equipped with them and a whopping 97% of homes are bidet-friendly in Italy. If everything that we’ve covered so far has convinced you that bidets are the way to go but you’re still on the fence because of installation costs, just think long term. The amount of money you would save from eliminating toilet paper purchases for, basically, forever would offset the cost of putting one in your home. Besides, the more common practice now is to get a bidet seat instead of an entirely separate fixture. The seat is simply added on to the existing toilet and voila, a bidet and toilet all in one.

Now that you know the basics of a bidet, we can get into the fun stuff. With growing popularity comes growing innovation, so lo and behold– BIDETS 10.0! If you so wish, bidets can not only clean your bum but make it into a spa-like experience with features like heated seats and warm air dryers. Want to get fancier? Some even come with nozzle oscillation and massaging pulse. Want something more practical? There’s also an enema function, which helps relieve constipation with a stimulating high pressure water stream. The best part of it is that you can do all this by simply pressing a button. Sign me up!

Electronic Bidets from BidetKing


Based on all the research, I would vote YES! If you’re ready to get that bad boy set up ASAP, head over here to pick out the right one for you.