Superco Labor Day Sale!

You’ve worked hard all year. Take advantage of Superco’s Labor Day Sale and treat yourself with something new!

Heat Wave Is Coming! Ways To Stay Cool

Have you heard, a heat wave is coming to So Cal this weekend? At Superco we have many options to help you stay cool.

Superco 2018 4th of July Sale

SUPERCO 4TH OF JULY SALE Now until 7/8/2018 Celebrate the birth of our country! We have some EXPLOSIVE savings for you that will definitely make you see fireworks! Name brand appliances, furniture, mattresses, massage chairs, etc. Savings as much as $1200....

The New Panasonic Zengineered™ Massage Chair EP-MAJ7

\zen-juh-neer\ verb To artfully blend ancient ideas of meditation and intuition with unsurpassed state of the art technology Zengineering is the heart and soul of this massage chair. For almost a century, Panasonic has developed highly-regarded consumer and industrial...

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Introducing the Criteria Collection from Bernhardt

While glamorous collections are often bold, the best ones are tempered by delicate details that bestow living spaces with the perfect balance. Transitional in design but traditional in nature, Criteria delivers a luxurious look. The collection is full of surprises...

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Recipe – Dongpo Pork

Do you crave pork belly? Here’s a recipe for a pork belly dish made popular by a famous 11th-century Chinese poet, Su Dongpo!

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Gadget Report – First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Gadget Report where I hope to introduce gadgets/new products that are smart, innovative and practical. Maybe a few whacky products here and there just for fun. These product introductions will be kept short and sweet. So, let's begin......

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What is a bidet?

What is a bidet anyway? I feel a bit uncomfortable writing about this. This kind of reluctance to talk about it is actually one of the reasons why bidet never took a hold in the market in United States. Over here we just don't want to talk about our business in the...

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AirFryer – great taste of frying with less fat!

Why do people love fried food? (Yours truly included.) You know, like fried chicken, french fries, tempura, etc. Even tofu tastes better fried. It's a little more complicated than just fat tasting good. There are a few things that happen when you cook food by frying...

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